FASHION FORWARD: Recover in style

By Angela Antonello

As a 30-year veteran in the salon and fashion industry, many women have shared their struggle to feel beautiful during their cancer treatments. Common concerns were the need to still feel beautiful, feminine and radiate while dealing with the possibility of hair loss. Chemotherapy treatments have side effects that leave you far from feeling your best. Having the “look good, feel good” philosophy certainly can help boost your self-esteem, but taking back control of your beauty routine can really give you the confidence and comfort you need during and otherwise unpredictable time.

Let us help you take charge of your recovery in style!

  1. Head shape becomes just as important as the shape of your face.
  • Unlike in clothing, where we often stay away from pleats or gathers, they pair perfectly on a head scarf or chemo cap. If you have a smaller head, pleads can create the illusion of volume, which is often helpful to give you just the balance you need.
  • Place your hat or scarf higher or lower on your forehead depending on your face shape. For a low forehead, wear your headwear slightly higher. If you have a high forehead, experiment with covering half with the border of your scarf or hat.
  • You will want to choose a scarf that comes down low enough, so that it covers your natural hairline.
  • If you like to wear earrings, be sure your earlobes are not covered, although you may wish to cover all or just part of your ears depending on what feels comfortable.
  1. Choose colorful headwear and play with different textures and fabrics too.
  • Bright colors not only lighten up your face, but your mind too. You will feel more energized when you choose a certain color. Pink is certainly pretty, but have you thought about a nice emerald green? Both blue and green hues help minimize any redness you may be experiencing with your complexion.
  • Try a hat or scarf with a print or pattern to make your outfit more exciting. Always choose a print with lighter color accents to brighten up your eyes and your skin.
  • Texture and fabrics are important too.

Silk: Can be worn in all seasons, most delicate, can be hard to maneuver.

Chiffon: Low slippage, sturdy. Dressier look than cotton. Easy to wash and wear.

Cotton: Cool, lightweight, soft, breathable, does not slip, and retains sweat.

Cashmere and Wool: Lighter weight wool scarves are a must have choice for cooler climates.


  1. Experiment with makeup
  • Brighten up your eyes. Using a brightening concealer under your eyes, then working it into the corners and the innermost part of your lids can make a world of difference.
  • Invest in a tinted moisturizer. The easiest way to even out your complexion while giving your skin the moisture that it desperately needs is with a tinted moisturizer. Choose an organic formula with plenty of SPF since your skin will likely be extra sensitive after chemo or radiation.
  • Pucker up! If your lips are feeling dry and neglected, try a natural scrub to exfoliate any dead skin to leave your lips feeling silky smooth. Try a tinted balm for natural look or choose a lip color a few shades brighter for a pretty more dramatic glow.


  1. Create your signature look and don’t forget to accessorize.
  • Turn your hat or scarf into a trendy accessory simply by accessorizing it.
  • You can use earrings, a necklace or even a vintage brooch.
  • Choose colorful, larger, more striking accessories to turn your wrap or hat into a real fashion item.
  • Play with bold earrings and big necklaces to really make statement

It’s so much more than just fashion and beauty. It’s a focus on self-confidence and self-love. Having a way to control your appearance and look good while you’re going through something so devastating is so important and most of all knowing you are not alone.


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