FASHION FORWARD: Fall fashions

By Kathie Morris

Photography by Dennis Fernando

Styling by Pastel Makeup and Styling


Personally, my favorite season is fall. Why do I love it so much? Well, there are the beautiful colors of nature, the wonderfully crisp weather, and of course fall fashions. I don’t know if there is any one reason to love fall, but I know I’m not alone! In mid-August, as I’m beginning to display the newly arrived fall styles, I enjoy hearing my customers comment on their feelings about the season. We all agree, we hate to see summer come to a close, but boy do we love to see what’s on trend for fall. Is it the memory of back-to-school shopping that gets us excited? Maybe, but the fall fashions are also what we’ll base our winter wardrobes on, so there’s plenty to think about and plan for. I can tell you that the 2019 fall season will definitely not disappoint! The top trends have something for everyone, whether your style is classic, feminine, or bold.

Here are some fall trends to think about as you build your wardrobe, and give thought to you fall/winter purchases.



Why are we so attracted to shiny things? Embellishes are back with a vengeance, but you don’t have to go full-tilt, head-to-toe sequins to be part of the trend. Adding an embellished accessory, or a separate, to your outfit is a fun way to start!

A sequined top with jeans is a fun, casual look for a night out, and having a shiny garment always comes in handy for the holiday season.


Animal Prints

Call it leopard or cheetah, animal prints are everywhere! Mixing this print with a crayon color is a fresh new look. For example, an animal print dress with cobalt blue tights, or an animal print blouse with red-orange pants makes a perfect pairing. Like black, adding a little leopard always works.



Yes, plaid is still trending but think classic and boujie girl when wearing your plaid. When you purchase this staple, look for classic pieces with a cool twist. Maybe a plaid top with a peplum.


Colorful Fur

Faux fur, teddy jackets and mid-length coats are popping up in every color under the sun! You’ll find periwinkle, bright neons and even pistachio. There are tons of colors to choose from.



Wide-leg pants, palazzo pants and culottes are being shown in a variety of fabrics and colors. The trend with pants is comfort, and I’m happy to report our skinny ankle-length pants, which can be worn with heels or booties, have become a staple.



The return of the waist! Add a leather-crafted belt to your cinched-waist blazer, suit or jumpsuit for a modern look. And speaking of waists, the fanny pack, or belt purse, is back, demanded by our hands-free world.


The ‘70s

Many designer’s inspirations are coming from the 1970s era. Turtlenecks, ponchos and bellbottoms in corduroy and suede are in the mix. Mini’s, wrap and disco era dresses are lining the racks in specialty stores everywhere.



FINALLY. Designers are giving us pockets, at last. Oversized pockets that are actually big enough to hold things are being shown in contrasting fabrics on coats and jackets. Pockets in dresses and pants that are constructed to hide bulk! Yes, I am excited it’s like a gift!


When looking in your closet, think of your wardrobe as your artistic media and you are the canvas! Experiment with colors, patterns and styles. Build your wardrobe so that it is comfortable, stylish and fully functional for your lifestyle.

What better way to enjoy our beautiful CNY fall season!


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