Editor’s note: In honor of our WISE edition this month, instead of my blathering, I’m giving over this space to Nicole Samolis. Looking forward to seeing you at the Symposium on the 25th! – Sarah




Welcome to the WISE Symposium issue!


This year marks the 17th year of the Symposium, and we are gearing up to deliver a day to remember. Each year we look at business trends and challenges that women in business are facing, then we come up with a knockout lineup of Keynote and Inspiration Speakers who empower women with the tools and motivation they need to to break barriers and embrace success.


Just like this month’s issue, the WISE Symposium showcases women leaders in entrepreneurship, leadership, lifestyle, and philanthropy in a high-energy, high-engagement day that fuels the passions that drive women leaders to create a better world.


I am a lifelong entrepreneur. I started The Events Company 22 years ago, opened SKY Armory in Downtown Syracuse four years ago, and get ready for Epicuse, our latest downtown venture set to open in the spring. I used to consider myself an accidental entrepreneur, but now, well into our third venture (with a few more on the horizon), I am an intentional entrepreneur. I seek out opportunity and part of that is giving back and elevating the experience of other women in business.


Over the last few years women have become stronger, louder and more empowered than ever. The WISE Symposium has embraced that theme, and we are proud to host a diverse group of women at all stages of business and career.


Our singular goal every year is to inspire women to rule their world and live a life they love. Please join us on April 25 at SKY Armory for a day that will ignite your dreams and fuel your success. Visit WISEsyracuse.com to get your tickets and follow us @WISEsymposium on Facebook to stay up to date on the latest news.


I look forward to seeing you there.


Nicole Samolis

Owner, The Events Company and SKY Armory

Co-Host of the WISE Symposium