Susie Ippolito

Building a Brand in Syracuse

By Lacey Roy | Photography by Alice G. Patterson

Wearing a classic sundress and trendy frames, Susie Ippolito is magnetic even from a distance. Laughter and gratitude are sprinkled through conversations. With a Long Island accent you can’t help smile at and an understated-yet-fashionable style, Susie is a breath of fresh air.

As writer and creative director of Susie Ippolito, LLC, Susie is constantly working to inspire. With an international team beside her, she takes businesses on a journey of discovery and success through a unique approach.

Having started in the makeup industry, Susie quickly learned what a truly successful brand was comprised of. She seamlessly transitioned from makeup-artist-with-a-blog to editor for a beauty platform, which ignited a love affair with writing and the power of words.

“Branding isn’t something that can just be established overnight,” Susie said. “With hard work upfront, branding comes from clients and the outside, which indicates what a business’ branding should be.”

Collaborating with each client and her team, there’s no brand-building feat Susie can’t tackle. From website design to creative and poignant content to app design, Susie’s team is all-encompassing and valuable.

Smiling as she talks about her work and career, it’s apparent Susie cherishes and loves everything about it. With a podcast, “Intelligent Creative Content,” coming out soon and a passion for making other brands successful, she is making her mark.

Having spent most of her life downstate until her recent move to Syracuse, Susie’s missed her family the most throughout the new transition.

“I’m the middle of five kids and being away from them, my family and friends, is the toughest part,” she said. “I’ve never lived this far from home before.”

Making connections and getting established in a new environment can be difficult and take time. Thanks to the strong community of women in Syracuse, though, Susie didn’t face that problem for long.

At the WISE Symposium in April 2017, Susie connected with a number of people, including Syracuse Woman Magazine editor Lorna Oppedisano, which led to an opportunity for Susie to contribute to the magazine. That connection led to other key introductions, including membership in the WBOC and volunteer involvement in Father Champlin’s Guardian Angel Society. Within a short period of time, she started establishing roots in Syracuse.

Although Manhattan can feel like a world away, Susie’s found she enjoys the fine points Syracuse has to offer, including the more laid-back lifestyle.

A foodie who loves to cook, she’s found Central New York’s produce to be invaluable and something Manhattan just can’t compete with. Offering new friends and connections, great food and a different culture, Syracuse has been fun to explore and learn, she said.

Taking into account her drastic move to the area, it’s no surprise that Susie is brave. Her fearlessness extends to her writing, as well. Recently, she began to explore the raw and emotional side of writing. She tested her courage in the face of vulnerability by delving into writing and publishing deeply personal writing.

“That moment revealed so much more to me and so much more bravery,” Susie said.

Cherishing language and connection, she’s grateful for the lessons she’s learned and the new chapter of her life that is unfolding. With her dedication to and involvement in the community, Susie is a welcome addition to Syracuse. SWM

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