Saved By Grace

A Look Into Exodus House 

Local career, life and relationship coach LeaAnn Fuller, founder of Fuller Life, learned about Exodus 3 Ministries through her Adopt-A-Mom program. Little did she know, the connection would inspire her to compile stories of women who have overcome addictions with support of Exodus House into “Saved By Grace: Opening Doors for Wounded Women Walking.”

This month, LeaAnn shared with us a sneak peek of the book.

Deeper Than The Addiction

By LeaAnn Fuller

As people, we never know where drug addiction might appear in our lives. We never think it can happen to us or anyone we love. We feel that if we raise our children right, teach them right from wrong, tell them to just say no, they will stay away from drugs. We tell them and even try to show them the dangers of using drugs. It’s all with the hope that we can protect our children, family, and friends.

I was introduced to the Exodus House and Debra Person through my Adopt-A-Mom for Christmas program in 2016. I started AdoptA-Mom for Christmas back in 2011, when my mom was extremely ill from cancer. My whole family knew it would be her last. It was heartbreaking. It was hard to make the best of her favorite holiday when I knew it would be her last.

By 2016, we had worked up to 50 gifts a year, but I wanted to impact more women’s lives and make a bigger difference, not only for the holidays, but year-round. The women of Exodus House were nominated by a friend of the house to receive gifts for Christmas. It took but five minutes from the time we dropped off the gifts to hear from Debra. We spent a few moments together and had an instant connection. We both had a good idea of the impact we could make together on the women of Exodus House, but didn’t realize the impact we all could have on the world. This initial connection — coming from such a small act of caring, kindness, and giving — would eventually lead to the beginning of a movement to impact the world of addiction.

I can tell you that I am no expert on drugs or drug addiction. Before meeting Debra and the women of Exodus House, I had never seen the true depths of the toll addiction can have on a person. I’d only seen the death and destruction on TV shows, movies, or the news.

When I saw all the horrible things on TV that were happening to people because of drug addiction, I’d always wondered why someone would do that to themselves. One thing I’d learned for sure is drug addiction has no prejudice; it can ruin your life, regardless of whether you are white or black, young or old, man or woman, rich or poor. I wondered what would drive someone to make that choice to pick up those drugs. What drives a person to choose to do something that can and very well may kill them? What part of dying looks fun?

After meeting Debra and the women of Exodus House, I learned drug addiction isn’t a life anyone would choose. Drug addiction appears as an escape from something that is often far more serious. Really, addiction of any kind is an escape from who we are and what we have buried deep down inside. SWM

According to Exodus 3 Ministries’ mission, the organization “is committed to providing holistic services that support the process of positive change, investing in the spiritual, physical, intellectual, and emotional well-being of women and families.” To learn more about Exodus 3 Ministries, visit 

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