Cindy Ormond

Celebrating Love 

By Rachel Foster | Photography by Alice G. Patterson

Cindy Ormond knows how to throw a good party. The owner of Ormond Entertainment, Cindy specializes in putting on memorable wedding receptions for couples throughout Central New York. It’s her calling, she said.

“The stars aligned. The signs were clear,” Cindy said. “This is what I needed to do.”

She hadn’t always planned to enter the wedding entertainment industry. Cindy was initially going to be a nurse. During nursing school, however, she found a different path.

One night, at a karaoke bar, a woman offered Cindy a job as a hostess with The Karaoke Krew, a growing Upstate New York karaoke business. Cindy had loved singing for fun throughout her life, but never thought of incorporating music into her career. The thought intrigued her and she took the leap.

After a few years working with The Karaoke Krew, she bought the business. Cindy renamed the venture Ormond Entertainment and shifted its mission. She offered DJ services for events, all while maintaining a weekly karaoke show. The business was big and booming, quickly earning Ormond Entertainment a glowing reputation in the region.

“There was a point, though,” Cindy said, “when I discovered bigger wasn’t necessarily better.”

Working at all types of functions — from school dances to corporate events — Cindy and her team felt they were stretching their expertise too thin. They decided to downsize and specialize in what they really loved: love. They put their focus on weddings.

“I would dare say that, as human beings, we have a responsibility to amplify love,” Cindy said. “We have this opportunity to create these moments that people in that room will cherish for years to come.”

Her business model is different than most; Ormond Entertainment boasts not just a DJ service, but ceremony services for weddings.

Ormond Entertainment made this distinction after Cindy had her own wedding in 2007 and realized what would be most helpful to brides and grooms on their big day. Ormond Entertainment only takes on 25 weddings each year, allowing Cindy to work closely with each client. Months of planning go into each wedding reception. By the time the wedding rolls around, Cindy has spent countless hours with each client. Many of them, she said, have become dear friends. She takes the time to understand and connect with each client, so she can help them create a personalized wedding reception in their vision.

An extensive job like this could become taxing. Cindy loves her work, putting a lot of herself into it in the name of love and celebration, but she also knows her limits. There are certain times she won’t answer her phone and focuses her thoughts on cultivating her own celebration with her family. Her husband, Tim, is a business partner in Ormond Entertainment, and their daughter, Kayleigh, always inspires Cindy to set a good example. Having immense love in her own life — for her family, friends and Central New York — allows her to amplify love in the lives of others.

Cindy’s kind, passionate and loving spirit led her down the path she is walking today.

“You never know what unusual yet grand opportunity will cross your path,” she said. SWM

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