Stress-free Festivities

Celebrate in Style

By Shauna Diliberto | Photography by Christian Mae Jackson

The most magical time of year is here — the holidays! This is my favorite time to check in with the people I love and show gratitude for all we have. A great way to do this is to host a stress-free, budget-friendly gathering.

Here’s how:

1. Holiday decorating

You don’t need to go out and purchase all new decorations just because it’s the holidays. Instead, opt for more modern neutral designs and patterns that can be used all season long. Plaid cloth napkins, a striped linen tablecloth and fresh-picked greens work perfectly. Add some gold or rose gold candlesticks or vases for a metallic touch. Just because there’s not a Santa on it, doesn’t mean it’s not festive.

2. Have fun with glassware and serveware

This is the place to be a little quirky and retro. Check out your local vintage stores and thrift stores for these things. A punchbowl is a super fun throwback way to serve your signature cocktail. Moscow mule mugs, highball glasses and old-fashioned coupes are also a great way to serve a drink. Mix and match some vintage holiday china and vintage rattan trays and baskets for a “boho” feel.

3. Go gift-free

Save everyone some time and money by making it a no-present party. This will make the evening more about having a good time and being together, and less about gifts and the stress that comes with them.

4. Give guests a heads up on dress code

And please do not make it an ugly sweater party. If you plan on being dressed up, make sure your guests know, so they aren’t uncomfortable when they show up in everyday wear. With that being said, have fun. It’s the holidays; this is the perfect time to wear sparkles and velvets. I have a New Year’s Eve tradition at my house of sparkles and sweats. After a full season of being dressed up, I love being comfortable in my favorite leggings and topping it off with a cute sparkly blazer or sweater. It’s the best of both worlds. Not everyone plays along, but at least everyone knows what to expect, so they are prepared.

5. Celebrate

Whatever sort of holiday party you’re throwing, remember to have fun. It can be such a stressful time, so keep it simple, use what you already have and enjoy the people in your life. Cheers! SWM

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