A Year in Review

A Year in Review from my Rearview Mirror

By Kate D. Mahoney 

I am old-school, often one with my car stereo, a blend of trepidation and optimism when I hit the road to share my story and hear the stories of others. Whether it’s cranking up Queen in the middle of a rock block or harnessing my inner Whitney Houston during an evening call-in show, music has motivated, comforted and inspired me — and kept me awake — this first year of my book tour and business.

My social media hashtags are like the labels I used to write on my old mix tapes. #nosleeptillbooktour, for example, is my nod to the Beastie Boys. #gotmiracle, not song specific,is my branding, meant to be every bit empowering as it is irreverent. Eleven months into my new chapter as author/patient/caregiver/ ambassador/storyteller/actorvist/performer/ speaker, I added #Ivebeeneverywhere. Thank you, Johnny Cash.

Road trip 2017 brought me around Central New York, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Vermont, Pennsylvania, Maryland, D.C., Virginia, Florida, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio and Hawaii.

All across the country, unique individuals welcomed me into their communities: Barnes & Noble staff and other booksellers; wellness coaches; faith leaders; book club members; bakers and chocolate makers; hospital CEOs and school nurses; former classmates and teachers; media and marketing specialists; journalists, radio and television hosts; publishers and editors (thank you, Lorna!). It’s true what the Girl Scouts sang; there is value is making new friends and keeping the old. Thanks to each of you who have been a song on the soundtrack of my life. As this issue goes to press, another tune begins to play. Happy Holidays! SWM

Kate D. Mahoney is the author of “The Misfit Miracle Girl: Candid Reflections.” Join her from 1 to 4 p.m. on Dec. 17 at Barnes & Noble DeWitt. “The Misfit Miracle Girl: Candid Reflections” is available at Amazon and Barnes & Noble. Connect with Kate at [email protected].