Marybeth Fishman

Syracuse Vegans Meetup

Photography by Alice G. Patterson

Marybeth Fishman is the founder of Syracuse Vegans Meetup Group. We caught up with her this month to talk about the impact a vegan diet has had on her life, how she came to found the group and more!

SWM: When did you begin living a vegan lifestyle?
Marybeth: In 2013. I was a vegetarian for about 13 years before that.

SWM: Was it a hard change to make?
MaryBeth: No. I just did some research on vegan recipes and info, and about which vegan groceries and food substitutes to buy. I also watched some videos online about being vegan.

SWM: What prompted you to start the Syracuse Vegans Meetup Group?
MaryBeth: I wanted to meet other vegans and wanted to enjoy going out to eat vegan meals with other vegans.

SWM: What is the goal of the group?
MaryBeth: Mainly to meet and socialize with other vegans.

SWM: Where and when does the group meet? How do you pick locations?
MaryBeth: We meet twice a month, usually at local restaurants and parks. We have potluck picnics at the parks. I normally choose the places and events and post them in our group, but I am also very open to suggestions from other members.

SWM: Do you have any suggestions for someone interested in learning more about a vegan lifestyle?
MaryBeth: Yes. Watch vegan documentaries on YouTube or Netflix. Join some vegan Facebook groups. I am the admin of the Facebook group “All Vegan Info.” I get a lot of my vegan recipes from Pinterest. We also have a volunteer mentor program in our Meetup group for beginners who need help with being vegan. SWM

For more information on the group, visit or For those interested in learning more or starting their own vegan lifestyle, the group offers a vegan mentor program. To contact MaryBeth directly, email

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