Leslie Eimas

A Path to Healing 

By Riley Bunch | Photography by Alice G. Patterson 


The pain began while Leslie Eimas was working as a reporter for the Syracuse-Herald Journal. As she sat writing and editing at her desk for 10 to 12 hours a day, pains shot up her neck. A few years later, Leslie’s body ached from the waist up.

“I spent about 15 years trying to heal myself — massage, chiropractor, acupuncture, yoga, a little bit of everything natural,” Leslie said. “I got temporary relief from a lot of things, but it never lasted until I came to the office I work at now.”

Leslie began attending therapy sessions at the Polarity Center of Syracuse and within six months, her chronic pain was gone. At the same time, she began using Young Living Essential Oils to create a sense of calm and relaxation.

It not only affected her life, but prompted her to switch career paths and change the lives of others. During a session with her polarity therapist and eventual mentor in the field, Leslie felt such relaxation and clarity that she looked up at her and said, “I want to do what you do.”

The therapist simply replied, “You can.”

Now, after becoming a licensed massage therapist, certified associate polarity practitioner and certified Kripalu yoga teacher, Leslie helps others remedy pain, illness and mental health issues, as well as encourages them toward healthier and more natural lives.

“I’ve done it all, and this worked for me,” Leslie said. “It had a profound change on me, and I’ve seen it have a profound change on my clients.”

Now, using Polarity Therapy and Light Therapy — which increases circulation and decreases pain — Leslie intuitively determines the best course of action for her clients. Because of the therapeutic power of the plants used to make Young Living’s essential oils, she uses oils in nearly every session.

Sometimes Leslie sees a drastic difference after one session. Sometimes it takes more time. It all depends on the person, she explained.

The type of energy work Leslie does can elicit extremely emotional reactions at times. She’s had people uncover traumatic experiences from their childhood on the table and finally be able to release them, she said.

Such reactions initially came as a shock to Leslie. She hadn’t realized the impact she could have on other people.

“Polarity therapy is more than body work. It treats the whole body, mind [and] spirit,” Leslie said. “It treats the whole person.” SWM

Leslie is the owner of My Oils Life. For more information, visit MyOilsLife.com

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