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By on March 3, 2013
SWM March Column I Am That Woman


As women, we always want to do more, be more, and contribute more to our families. Most likely you may feel this way when it comes to finances in your home too, because at one time in my life I did. Many women, whether you work or stay at home, have guilt when going through financial troubles. They often feel inadequate that they cannot help out financially. But I beg to differ!

Six years ago when my husband and I were in $40,000 of debt, I had the desire to be a stay-at-home mom even though we couldn’t afford it.  One night after crunching numbers, we found a way for me to stay home, but I still needed to find a way to contribute financially to the monthly budget. I calculated how much money I would make at a part-time job after adjusting for child care expenses, and it simply wasn’t enough. I figured if I could save the same amount of money I were to make each week, it would be the same thing as bringing home an income. It was still money in my pocket that I had freed up to pay off debt, or to spend on another much-needed expense. This is when a whole new world of couponing opened up to me.

I spent a few hours online one night researching meal planning and couponing and I was surprised to see stories of women actually making a very small grocery budget work for their families.  I was inspired and determined to do the same for mine. I began to think of meal planning and couponing as my ‘part-time job’, a way to contribute financially to my family. Instead of going out of the house to work, I stay in the home with my children and cut pieces of paper to save money. I figured if I could take two hours per week to plan out my grocery shopping trips and save $80 per trip, which was the same as making $40 per hour tax-free!

This is when I decided to stop complaining about our financial situation and do something about it; so that night I got on the computer and started typing about how to save money on groceries.

The March edition of Syracuse Woman Magazine is all about women making history and making moves in Central New York. If you are struggling and feel like you are not contributing to your family’s finances, I would encourage you to take control of your grocery bill. You have the power to change and contribute to your household budget; you have the power to make a change in your financial blueprint. You have the ability to add a $50 income to your family’s net income every week just by following a few simple rules: Plan your meals around sale items, only use coupons when those items are on sale, shop with a list and stick to it, and plan, plan, plan your food for the week!  

I am always here to help you learn how to do this on my website or on Twitter, YouTube, Facebook and Pinterest. You can’t miss me!

Lauren Greutman is the owner of THAT Lady Media LLC. Visit her site, www.iamthatlady.com and follow her online: www.facebook.com/iamthatlady; @iamthatlady.


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