SPECIAL FEATURE: Pampered for a Day

By on August 1, 2012
Pampered at Skana Spa


Want to get away, but not have to travel too far away? Well, Syracuse Woman Magazine and Rochester Woman Magazine were pleased to send four lucky ladies to a special relaxation day at the Skana Spa at the Turning Stone Resort and Casino in Verona.

The Rochester winner, Angella Luyk, and her guest, Paula Regalla joined Syracuse winner, Erica Moeller, and her guest, Stephanie Buis, for a day that included several relaxation experiences. The ladies arrived to The Lodge in the morning on June 20 to be greeted by valet so they could begin their retreat right away!

The ladies began the day with joyful renewal during a session of Good Morning Yoga. Thanks to the Balancing Waters Ritual, the four spa guests experienced relaxation and balance with a tranquilizing effect. This unique experience is noted to be a perfect prelude to Skana Signature spa services, which included a Natural Face Lift Facial, Skana Signature Sage and White Pine Massage.

Under the intuitive touch of Skana’s highly skilled therapists, Angela, Paula, Erica and Stephanie were lavished with the ultimate experience of revitalization and well being in the specific spa therapy. Next, they were wrapped in a cozy robe and led to the Skana Café for a healthy spa lunch chosen from The Lodge’s gourmet Wildflowers menu.

After lunch, it was time to indulge in more pampering! Because the day was highly focused on achieving an overall level of rejuvenation, the spa guests had yet another spa therapy to enhance their bodies, minds and spirits.

And of course, what woman doesn’t enjoy having her hair and makeup done every once and a while? Well, it beats doing it yourself, but also the skilled artists and stylists at Skana were able to show the spa guests new tips on makeup application and hairstyling.
By the end of the spa day, the four lucky ladies had experienced several relaxation treatments to make any worry simply drift away. The daylong journey was completed by the chef’s surprise dessert prepared for this memorable occasion.

Every now and then, there comes a time when stress builds up and we forget to indulge and relax. But for the days we do remember to slow down and take care of ourselves, there is a place just down the road from both Rochester and Syracuse that can aid in putting worries aside — Skana Spa.

“I really enjoyed the mineral pool. The natural lighting and gorgeous fountain brought peace to the room,” said Erica, of Syracuse. “The staff excelled in preparing for our arrival and anticipating our needs. Michel DiGiorgio (head chef at Wildflowers) catered both an eye pleasing and delicious meal while preparing flavors I haven’t experienced before. Thank you Skana and Syracuse Woman’s Magazine!” Rochester winner Angella Luyk said that upon arriving to Skana, she was stressed and tired. “Every detail of our stay was thought out and carefully planned,” she said. “Each attendant was well trained in their area and extremely helpful. The food provided was beyond our expectations. When I left after a full day of treatments I was invigorated and energized.”

Both Syracuse Woman Magazine and Rochester Woman Magazine want to congratulate the lucky winners again, Angella and Erica. And who knows, you could be the next lucky winner for the next big giveaway from your favorite women’s magazines in Central New York!


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