SPECIAL FEATURE: Syracuse’s Iron Man

By on June 1, 2012
Iron Man


What makes you who you are? For some people it’s the job they have, their leadership in the community or the role they play in the household. But for some, it’s all of those aspects in addition to one distinct habit, a habit that many might consider “crazy.”

While some people might not every run a 5k race, let alone walk a full mile in his or her life, there are numerous people who would gladly do the latter, but times 70! That’s right, times 70! If you think that running a half-marathon (13.1 miles) is an incredible feat, you’re absolutely right, it is. However, try imagining that you will be swimming 1.2 miles and cycling 56 miles prior to that half. With the IronMan Syracuse 70.3 race fast approaching, we spoke to two repeat “Iron People” in the Central New York community to find out what makes them compete and why it’s important to them. Read on…

Age: 40
Occupation: Single mom, pharmacist at Wegmans & pro-triathlete

Q: Why do you compete in the 70.3 Syracuse?
A: I do the Syracuse race for a few reasons: First I think it’s very important to support local races. Second, I absolutely love the course! Jamesville and the surrounding areas are incredibly beautiful. And finally, it’s awesome to be able to race in my hometown with so many family and friends cheering me on!

Q: What makes you an Ironman?
A: The technical answer is that I’m an Ironman because I finished a 140.6-mile (the full Ironman distance) triathlon. In reality, what makes me an “Ironman” is my perseverance when faced with a challenge. I love triathlons because it keeps me fit, healthy and happy!

Age: 41
Occupation: Television Meteorologist for CNY Central, father & triathlete

Q: Why do you compete in the Syracuse 70.3?
A: I do the Syracuse 70.3 Ironman because with enough of the correct training, simply put, I can. In 2010 I was elated to just get across the finish line for the first time. The amount of time it took to complete the race didn’t matter. In June, I will race the Syracuse 70.3 Ironman for the third consecutive year to set a positive example for my three daughters. I want them to realize the importance of exercise and most importantly, that with enough persistence, anything is possible.

Q: What makes you an Ironman?
A: I believe that what makes me an Ironman are all the hours of training, family scheduling, physical pain and post workout recovery in the months leading up to the Syracuse 70.3 Ironman. You can’t fake completing a half-Ironman distance. It’s like marathon running and many other endurance events, the hardest part of the race is getting to the starting line well prepared and healthy. I also enjoy fighting the urge to not quit during a race when my body is screaming “stop now!” By forging on during a race I often end up paying a price after with aches and pains, but I do it with a big smile on my face!


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