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By on January 1, 2014
SWM Inspires Boynton

CEO, Crouse Hospital


“Syracuse is my home.”

It all began when Kimberly Boynton was a young girl attending Catholic school at St. Brigid’s and St. Patrick’s on Syracuse’s Near Westside. Kimberly, who has been Crouse Hospital’s CFO for the past 10 years, is starting 2014 as the hospital’s new CEO.

Her childhood education, community commitments and healthcare administration career have brought Kimberly full circle to one place — fulfillment.

“It’s very rewarding for me,” she said. “I like to think I am bringing my talents to various organizations [in the Syracuse community] and that I am helping move along their missions.”

To name a few volunteer dedications, Kimberly is the board Vice President of the United Way of Central New York, the Catholic Charities Board Treasurer and a member of Christian Brothers Academy’s board. “You get just as much as you give when you work with these organizations.” Kimberly says she is proud to give back to non-profits and educational institutions because it is a part of where she lives and what she knows. “I’m engrained in the community.”

Kimberly’s commitment to community is apparent not only in her volunteer efforts, but in her professional life as well. “I am very excited about this opportunity,” she said. “I believe the transition will be smooth and I will build upon on what we’ve done in terms of the culture of the hospital.”

The core values of Crouse translate into Kimberly’s focus, not only at work, but in her community interactions. (Community…working together. Respect…honor, dignity and trust. Open and honest communication. Undivided commitment to quality. Service to our patients, physicians and ourselves. Excellence through innovation and creativity.)

Not many employees can say they were a part of how the mission and values of their company came to be, but Kimberly can. “I was very involved in the development of the Mission, Visions and Values (MVV)…it’s not just a piece of paper or ‘some words’ — we talk about it every day.” The MVV is written on the back of all employees’ ID badges, “So we’ll never forget.” The statement was created in 2002 with input from Kimberly, many employees and senior management.

Kimberly says she enjoys working for a hospital because the everyday goal is to help others. “It’s taking care of people, filling a need and increasing healing in the community. There is another person on the other end of the service — the patient.”

Providing medical care is part of this service, but Kimberly says that Crouse healthcare providers are working in an ever-changing field. “The care is changing based on medical advancements and regulations.”

Because the most important aspect of Crouse is care, Kimberly said the number one priority is ensuring the environment is up to par.“

The operating rooms have state-of-the-art technology,” she said. “It’s a part of providing the best in patient care…that’s the mission of Crouse.”

While serving as CFO, Kimberly focused on the financials, but since Crouse does not have an acting COO, she also had several departments

reporting to her and is still the President Crouse Medical Practice PLLC. Because of her experience with several areas of the hospital, Kimberly says she feels confident in overseeing future growth.

Kimberly witnessed firsthand the need to change and move forward in the medical field with the unveiling of Crouse’s $53 million Witting Surgical Suite project. The former operating rooms were built in the ‘70s and were not accommodating to what is needed in modern healthcare, she said. From start to finish, Witting took four years to complete. “Our physicians continue to know this is a place they’re comfortable sending their patients to.”

With her new and existing role, Kimberly stays very involved with the medical executive staff and all hospital operations. This is not a short list by any means.

How does this Syracuse woman CEO, wife, mother and community volunteer balance it all? “It’s important to see the whole picture,” Kimberly said.

While she is motivated and looking forward to advancing in her career, she wants to thrive in her family life. “I still go home and play with Legos,” said Kimberly as she laughed. “I’m a super hero when I’m at home, but it can’t be that way all the time.”

Kimberly is thankful for the support she has at Crouse and the fact that Andrea Rachetta, her administrative assistant, keeps her schedule tight to the minute. Kimberly’s husband Charlie, a Syracuse Fire Department lieutenant, also has a busy schedule. So, knowing when they can be together with their 4-year-old son Henry is important.


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